With a tagline like “Have Your Unusual,” it’s no surprise that RumChata is driving innovation in the industry. Since debuting its classic cream liqueur in 2009, the brand has built a cult-following by delivering distinct, culturally relevant flavors. 


The latest to join the ranks? Pineapple Cream, arriving spring 2024. 


“Last year, our fans’ enthusiasm for tropical flavors was evident with the success of RumChata Coconut Cream,” said Brandon Lieb, VP of Spirit of Gallo. “As summer approaches, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, which is reminiscent of summer Tiki drinks.” 


Bright and smooth, new Pineapple Cream delivers on consumers’ demand for fresh, warm-weather flavors. And with 84% noting that they love pineapple, it’s poised to be the go-to drink of the season. 


“Pineapple Cream is perfectly suited for drinks by the pool, on the patio, and beyond,” said Lieb. “Enjoy it on the rocks. Or, try the Chata Colada, a simplified twist on the piña colada, made with one part Pineapple Cream and one part coconut rum. No blender needed.” 

RumChata Pineapple Cream is now available nationwide at all major retailers. For more information, visit  www.RumChata.com.