The Spirit of Gallo has strengthened their tequila offerings, adding Tequila Komos, the highest rated tequila portfolio, to a lineup that already boasts the Most Awarded Tequila, Camarena.  

As tequila sales continue to outpace all other traditional spirit categories, the company has announced a strategic investment in the Komos brand, assuming all U.S. distribution rights.

"In 2021, the Tequila category grew +17% with 81% of the growth coming from the Premium+ category. Bolstering our portfolio with Komos unlocks significant potential for our partners in this flourishing market," said Britt West, Sr. Vice President and General Manager for Spirit of Gallo. 

The brainchild of former Master Sommelier Richard Betts and entrepreneur Joe Marchese, Komos combines the highest artistry in tequila-making with inspiration from Betts' wine-making background, crafting a tequila that has earned the first and only 100-point score for tequila from The Tasting Panel magazine for Tequila Komos Extra Añejo, as well as numerous accolades for its other offerings Añejo Cristalino and Reposado Rosa.

"We are deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with the legendary Gallo family who have been remarkable brand builders over the last century," expressed Richard Betts, Co-Founder and CEO of Tequila Komos. "We look forward to Komos leading the Ultra-Luxury Tequila category with the Spirit of Gallo and sharing refined revelry not just in North America, but around the world."