The Spirit of Gallo has officially entered the American Whiskey category, investing in fast-rising ultra-premium bourbon brand Horse Soldier.

While many brands can boast a storied tradition, none can match the legendary origins of Horse Soldier Bourbon. Founded in 2016, by key retired members of the Green Berets who were the first to enter Afghanistan on horseback just weeks after the 9/11 attack earning them the moniker “Horse Soldiers.” Their story was the basis for the 2018 film “12 Strong.”

“We have built Horse Soldier Bourbon on true American values. It’s these same values that represent this ideal alignment between Horse Soldier Bourbon and Spirit of Gallo,” said John Koko, CEO & Chairman of Horse Soldier Bourbon. “From the hills of Afghanistan to the valleys of Somerset, Kentucky, we’ve learned that you are only as good as the company you keep, and we are proud of this new partnership.”

Horse Soldier, available in 17 states, is currently the 8th best-selling Ultra-Premium Bourbon, outpacing competitors in its category with +97% growth in dollars. The Spirit of Gallo plans to grow both the visibility and availability of this award-winning brand across the country.

“Today marks an important date in Gallo company history as Spirit of Gallo enters the large and rapidly growing American Whiskey category,” said Britt West, Sr. Vice President and General Manager for Spirit of Gallo. “The addition of Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey to our portfolio is a true honor that represents an alignment of family values, legacies and pioneering spirits. We look forward to continuing to work with the entire Horse Soldier team to unlock the full potential of this award- winning bourbon as we continue to share its legendary story.”